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Celebrating 21years

2021 marks the 23rd Anniversary of Lambert House opening its’ agency sector (we had strictly been a talent management company before that). This is a very exciting time for us. When the agency started in 1998, the field was full of a lot of agencies who are no longer with us. While this is very sad, it is indicative of how hard it is for a talent agency to survive. I think LHE has thrived because we have never lost site of the fact that we are an agency who has only wanted a small and exclusive talent base. In this way we have been able to maintain close personal association with our clients. We are in essence an agency who deals in a managerial way. We know and have developed our talent to success by carefully planning careers and often creating projects that help showcase the unique elements of their talent. 


I would like to thank Liz Pennell, Nerissa Jayasingha, Sneha Sampath-Sawtell, Jonathon Accosta. Katie McCarthy and (currently) Evelien Peelmans who have worked at various times as my associates. The agency would not have survived without their hard work and commitment.  I would also like to thank Guenther Goetz, Scott Duncombe,  David Campbell and Hayden Tee who have all been a part of this great adventure and so many others.


Here’s to the next twenty years!


Les Solomon

History of LHE


LHE (formerly Lambert House Enterprises) was founded in 1995 by Les Solomon as a boutique management company. In its initial years LHE represented a small, select group of actors, however, the company grew into a thriving theatrical agency by 1998.


LHE prides itself on being a supportive, honest and caring environment for artists and maintains its managerial tone along with strong international connections. LHE has clients working across the globe and whilst shrouded in "old school" knowledge and traditions, continues to thrive after more than two decades in the entertainment industry.

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